Monday, July 4, 2011

Bunneh Bunneh

The last days in my life have been very slow... mostly because I've been busy running from one beach to another, tanning lotion in one hand, my favorite floppy sun hat in the otehr, and finally, my current love - Set Fire to the Rain (by Adele) on replay mode on my iPod. For the moment, I don't wish for anything else. Of course, I couldn't possibly leave my pencils and papers behind, so there have been occasional sketches, but unfortunately, none of them are exactly "show-off"material.
Anyway, until I come up with something worth the while, I can show you a bunny piece that I drew a couple of months ago...

how long did it take me? Approx 1 hour to draw and color.
date of creation? I can't quite remember but it must've been around May 2011.
any more interesting stuff? I colored it digitally (I find it much easier, and the results are aesthetically more pleasing- at least in my case. I'm not exactly the master of painting *cough*).
Before I go, I feel that I should explain the "happy pill" [see ribbon depicted on the picture above].
Happy Pills= n.
Psychotropic medication used to treat depression and the mentally unstable
We don't need drugs to be happy... For me a simple trick like a lollipop can easily do the trick.... because its all in your mind, you see.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I create - also known as I apologize for my writing.. it's 'rusty'.

I've never been good at introductions, so you are in no way obliged to suffer through this post.
I would like to tell you that I'm a little genius who lives in her own wild world. I would love to tell you that I'm a child prodigy. I would also be thrilled to tell you that I'm a lonely girl who achieved fame and fortune thanks to her talent.... but the truth is, none of that would be true. In reality I'm a shy-in-public-but-too-awkwardly-crazy-in-reality teenager who fits nicely into the artistic group of my generation. My fingers are constantly paint stained, and my clothes smell of Midnight Fantasy. I listen to Eminem, too much mainstream crap, Vivaldi and Beethoven... but above all, (if you didn't already understand the "paint stained" fingers hint), I love to draw.

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